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Breast Reduction

The symptoms women with large breasts frequently experience are chronic neck, shoulder, and back pain, shoulder grooving and skin irritation, a rash in the creases beneath the breasts, and limitation of normal activities of daily living including exercise activities.

Breast reduction is generally considered to be a reconstructive plastic surgery procedure and thus many insurance companies will help cover the cost of the surgery. After a careful evaluation, we will be glad to prepare an insurance letter on your behalf for pre-approval. Most insurance companies will ask if the patient is overweight and if conservative treatments, such as diet and exercise have been tried to alleviate the problem. We recommend that patients achieve a realistic weight before considering breast reduction surgery.

We discuss your goals with regard to final breast size. Most individuals prefer to be in the C cup range although some patients prefer to remain a bit larger or be smaller. It is not possible to exactly predict final breast size but most individuals usually end up with a breast size and shape that fits their body and at the same time note excellent relief of their medical symptoms.

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